10 Most Recently Finalized Statutes

Planning Code, Zoning Map - Flower Mart - 2000 Marin Street Special Use District

Ordinance amending the Planning Code and Zoning Map to establish the 2000 Marin Street Special Use District (Assessor’s Parcel Block No. 4346, Lot No. 003), and to create additional Key Site exceptions for the Flower Mart site, located on the southern half of the block north of Brannan Street between 5th Street and 6th Street (Assessor’s Parcel Block No. 3778, Lot Nos. 001B, 002B, 004, 005, 047, and 048); affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental...

Appointment, Close Juvenile Hall Working Group - Charles Peacock

Motion appointing Charles Peacock, for an indefinite term, to the Close Juvenile Hall Working Group.

Reappointment, Director of the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Water System Financing Authority - Harlan L. Kelly, Jr.

Resolution reappointing Harlan L. Kelly, Jr., for a four-year term ending June 30, 2023, as a Director of the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Water System Financing Authority.

Public Health Crisis on Drug Overdoses and Drug Use

Resolution declaring a public health crisis on drug overdoses and drug use, and urging the Department of Public Health to present a comprehensive plan on how to address this crisis.

Green Building Code - Energy Performance in Newly Constructed Buildings

Ordinance amending the Green Building Code to establish energy performance requirements for certain new building construction; adopting environmental findings, and findings of local conditions under the California Health and Safety Code and the California Public Resources Code; and directing the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors to forward the Ordinance to state agencies as required by state law.

Reappointment, Small Business Commission - William Ortiz-Cartagena

Motion reappointing William Ortiz-Cartagena, term ending January 6, 2024, to the Small Business Commission.

Appointments, Eastern Neighborhoods Community Advisory Committee - J. R. Eppler, Irma Lewis, Jolene Yee, and Keith Goldstein

Motion appointing J. R. Eppler, Irma Lewis, Jolene Yee, and Keith Goldstein, terms ending October 19, 2021, to the Eastern Neighborhoods Community Advisory Committee.

Supporting the Mayor’s Consent to Continue Refugee Resettlement in the City

Resolution supporting the resettlement of refugees within the City, and concurring in the Mayor’s consent to accept refugees in the City under the United States Department of State’s Reception and Replacement Program.

Contracting Process - Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant - Waiver of Certain Administrative Code Provisions

Ordinance waiving certain provisions in Administrative Code, Sections 6.61 and 6.64, and Chapter 21, as applied to the proposed design and construction of the Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (“Plant”) to authorize the Public Utilities Commission to: procure operation and maintenance services for the Plant and for the associated collection system in one procurement in addition to design and construction services for the Plant under Administrative Code, Section 6.61; waive Administr...

Health Code - Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Warning for Advertisements

Ordinance amending the Health Code by amending the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Warning Ordinance to update the statement of findings and purpose; revise the definition of Advertiser; reduce the required warning size; modify the required warning text; and revise the enforcement provisions.