10 Most Recently Finalized Statutes


Accept report relating to Cross Agency Service Team (CAST) Activities.


Approve amendment to Social Services Advisory Commission By-Laws to allow officers to serve two consecutive terms.


Accept report from Social Services Agency relating to Management Audit of Social Services Agency Administration and Support Services (Recommendations 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6). (Referral from October 23, 2012, Board of Supervisors meeting, Item No. 25)


Accept report from Facilities and Fleet Department relating to the Civic Center Master Plan.


Consider recommendations relating to the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) work plan on posting restaurant inspection data and proposal to study a restaurant grading system in Santa Clara County.


Accept report from the Finance and Government Operations Committee relating to the meeting of February 14, 2013. (Cortese)


Direct County Executive to explore the feasibility of partnering with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on a regional Small Business Development Initiative currently available via a Request for Proposals process with the Small Business Administration and return with findings to the Board of Supervisors by the end of March 2013. (Cortese)


Consider recommendations relating to County Fleet vehicle purchase for the Department of Environmental Health. (Facilities and Fleet Department)


Consider recommendations relating to off-cycle replacement vehicle purchase for the Regional Auto Theft Task Force. (Facilities and Fleet Department)