10 Most Recently Finalized Statutes

Hearing - Appeal of Determination of Community Plan Evaluation - 610-698 Brannan Street

Hearing of persons interested in or objecting to a Community Plan Evaluation by the Planning Department under the California Environmental Quality Act issued on July 3, 2019, for the proposed project at 610-698 Brannan Street, approved on July 18, 2019; to demolish all of the existing buildings on the project site, including the existing wholesale flower market and accessory space operated by San Francisco Flower Mart LLC, a surface parking lot, and four additional buildings; construct three new...

Public Works Code - Repeal of Reclaimed Water Use Ordinance

Ordinance amending the Public Works Code to repeal the Reclaimed Water Use Ordinance; and affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Hearing - Food Insecurity Among Low-Income Pregnant Women and Families

Hearing to examine food insecurity, particularly among low-income pregnant women and families, as nutritious food is a fundamental human right essential for all people to live healthy, successful lives, but food insecurity, limited or uncertain access to adequate food still occurs in San Francisco; and requesting the Department of Public Health to report.

Hearing - Release of Reserved Funds - Public Utilities Commission - GoSolarSF - $3,000,000

Hearing to consider the release of reserved funds to the Public Utilities Commission, placed on the Budget and Finance Committee reserve by Ordinance No. 104-14, in the amount of $3,000,000 to fund the operational costs of the GoSolarSF program for FY2019-2020.

Planning, Building Codes - Controls on Residential Demolition, Merger, Conversion, and Alteration; Review of Additional Non-Residential Changes of Use and Alterations

Ordinance amending the Planning Code to increase penalties for violations of the Planning Code and change the administrative enforcement procedure; provide new definitions for Residential Demolitions and Residential Flats, expand definitions of Alteration and Removal, expand definitions of, require additional notice, and impose new conditional use criteria for Residential Demolitions, Mergers, and Conversions; require additional review for changes of use to Child Care Facilities that propose an...

Administrative Code - San Francisco Special Tax Financing Law - Port of San Francisco

Ordinance amending the San Francisco Administrative Code Special Tax Financing Law, constituting Article 43.10, to authorize special tax financing of certain facilities and services related to property in the jurisdiction of the Port of San Francisco.

Street and Public Service Easement Vacation Order - Mission Rock Project

Ordinance ordering the street vacation of the entirety of Seawall Lot 337 (located east of Third Street between China Basin Channel and Mission Rock Street, including China Basin Park) and portions of Terry A. Francois Boulevard along with public service easements in connection with the Mission Rock Project; reserving various temporary rights in favor of the City and PG&E, subject to conditions specified in this Ordinance; authorizing official acts in connection with this Ordinance, as defined h...

Formal Policy Discussions - September 10, 2019

Pursuant to Charter, Sections 2.103 and 3.100(7), and Administrative Code, Section 2.11, the Mayor shall discuss the following eligible topic submitted from the Supervisor representing District 6. The Mayor may address the Board initially for up to five minutes. Discussion shall not exceed two minutes per question or answer. 1. Drug Use and Overdose Treatment (District 6)

Opposing California Assembly Bill No. 235 (Mayes) - Electrical Corporations: Recovery of Catastrophic Wildfire Costs and Expenses

Resolution opposing California State Assembly Bill No. 235, authored by Assembly Member Chad Mayes, which would make PG&E customers and ratepayers act as guarantors if shareholders default on their payments due to continued wildfire safety negligence or poor management decisions.

Condemning the Shooting of and Urging Repatriation for Brandon Lee - Urging a Congressional Investigation, Hearing, and the Suspension of United States Aid to the Philippine Military and Police

Resolution condemning the attempted assassination of San Francisco native and United States citizen Brandon Lee in the Philippines by suspected elements of the 54th Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines; supporting the immediate evacuation of Lee from the Philippines and his repatriation to San Francisco to ensure his safety and access to adequate medical care; urging our San Francisco Federal representatives to initiate a Congressional investigation into the shooting of Lee;...