4331151 - Hearing - Appeal of Determination of Exemption From Environmental Review - Proposed 1776 Green Street Project

San Francisco

Hearing of persons interested in or objecting to the determination of exemption from environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act issued as a Categorical Exemption by the Planning Department on November 27, 2019, for the proposed project at 1776 Green Street, Assessor’s Parcel Block No. 0544, Lot No. 006, to construct a two-story vertical addition and a change of use to convert the existing automotive garage to a new residential development with five residential units; adding approximately 13,408 gross square feet to the existing building, alterations to the front facade, resulting in the building being 40 feet tall (53 feet tall with elevator penthouse) and 27,118 gross square feet in size with 10 below-grade parking spaces and five class 1 bicycle parking spaces; expansion of the existing basement by 1,615 square feet (from 5,516 square feet to 7,131 square feet); and construction requiring up to approximately 15 feet of excavation below ground surface, resulting in approximately 1,400 cubic yards of soil disturbance. (District 2) (Appellant: Richard Drury of Lozeau Drury LLP, on behalf of The Hollow Revolution) (Filed February 4, 2020)

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