4117698 - Grant of Easement and Acceptance of Quitclaim - Pacific Gas & Electric Company - Airport West-of-Bayshore Property - Replacement of Natural Gas Pipeline - $0

San Francisco

Resolution approving an Easement Agreement and Quitclaim of Easement between the City and County of San Francisco, acting by and through its Airport Commission, and Pacific Gas & Electric Company, for the exchange of easement areas at San Francisco International Airport’s West-of-Bayshore property, for $0, to accommodate the replacement of a natural gas pipeline; authorizing the Airport Director and the Director of Property to execute documents, make certain modifications, and take actions in furtherance of this Resolution, as defined herein; finding the proposed transaction is in conformance with the General Plan, and the eight priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1; and adopting California Environmental Quality Act findings.

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