3983662 - Development Agreement - KR Flower Mart, LLC - Flower Mart - 5th and Brannan Streets

San Francisco

Ordinance approving a Development Agreement between the City and County of San Francisco and KR Flower Mart, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, for the development of an approximately 6.5-acre site located at 5th Street and Brannan Street, with various public benefits including a new on-site or off-site wholesale flower market; making findings under the California Environmental Quality Act, findings of conformity with the General Plan, and with the eight priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1(b); approving the receipt and expenditure of funds for an off-site new wholesale flower market as set forth in the Development Agreement, as applicable; approving the development impact fees for the project and waiving certain Planning Code fees and requirements for a temporary flower market; confirming compliance with or waiving certain provisions of Administrative Code, Chapter 56; and ratifying certain actions taken in connection therewith, as defined herein.

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