3975448 - Appropriation - Public Utilities Commission - $12,218,229 - De-Appropriation and Re-Appropriation - Expenditures of $2,431,505 - Port Commission and Airport Commission - FY2019-2020

San Francisco

Ordinance appropriating $12,218,229 in the Public Utilities Commission, de-appropriating and re-appropriating $2,127,062 in the Airport Commission, and de-appropriating and re-appropriating $304,443 in the Port Commission; this Ordinance requires a two-thirds vote of all members of the Board of Supervisors for $12,195,582 in the Public Utilities Commission appropriations approval, $282,917 in the Airport Commission re-appropriations approval, and for $139,396 in the Port Commission re-appropriations, pursuant to Charter, Section 9.113(c).

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