3911003 - Hearing - Budget Impact of City-Owned Vehicle Personal Assignment - Referral 041619

BOARD of SUPERVISORS City Hall Dr.  Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244 San Francisco 94102-4689 Tel. No. 554-5184 Fax No. 554-5163 TDD/TTY No. 554-5227 MEMORANDUM TO: Severin Campbell, Director, Office of the Budget and Legislative Analyst Naomi Kelly, City Administrator, Office of the City Administrator lvar C. Satero, Director, Airport Department Jon Givner, Deputy City Attorney, Office of the City Attorney Joanne Hayes-White, Chief, Fire Department Ed Reiskin, Executive Director, Municipal Transportation Agency William Scott, Police Chief, Police Department Manohar Raju, Public Defender, Office of the Public Defender Vicki Hennessy, Sheriff, Sheriff's Department FROM: Linda Wong, Assistant Clerk Budget and Finance Committee DATE:  April
, 2019 SUBJECT:  REQUEST FOR HEARING The Board of Supervisors'  Budget and Finance Committee has received the following request for hearing, introduced by Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer on April 2, 2019:
File No.  190371 Hearing on the practice of assigning City-owned vehicles to employees for personal use, and the related budget impact;  and requesting the Budget and Legislative Analyst, Office of the City Administrator, Airport, Office of the City Attorney, Fire Department, Municipal Transportation Agency, Police Department, Office of the Public Defender, and the Sheriff's Department to report. If you have comments or reports to be included with the file, please forward them to me at the Board of Supervisors, City Hall, Room 244, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA 102 or by email at: linda.wong@sfgov.org. c: Lynn Khaw, Office of the City Administrator Cathy Widener, Airport Department Kelly Alves, Fire Department Kate Breen, Municipal Transportation Agency Janet Martinsen, Municipal Transportation Agency Joel Ramos, Municipal Transportation Agency Asja Steeves, Police Department Deirdre Hussey, Police Department Rowena Carr, Police Department Johanna Saenz, Sheriff's Department Nancy Crowley, Sheriff's Department Print Form I t d t. F "?,:(.;:.I\;'[-l)
n ro uc Ion °~~,i'D 'oF sur~(R .tiS'>~::, B b  f I d f S . s A ?-l F ~ /~:I cIs c 0 y a Mem er o t 1e Boa r o uperv1sors or Mayor 19 HPR -2 P ~ 4: ime stamp I hereby submit the following item for introduction  (select only one): \oA or meeting date ~'---~~~v-~------~~~------------1. For reference to Committee . (An Ordinance, Resolution , Motion or Charter Amendment). . Request for next printed agenda Without Reference to Committee.
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5. City Attorney Request. . Call File No.  from Committee . . Budget Analyst request (attached written motion). D
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Fewer Subject:
Hearing  -Budget Impact of City-Owned Vehicle Personal Assignn1ent The text is listed :
Hearing on the practice of assigning city-owned vehicles to employees for personal use , and the related budget impact;  and asking the Budget and Legislative Analyst, City Administrator , Airport, City Attorney, Fire Department, Municip al Transportation Agency, Police Department, Public Defender, and Sheriff to report. Signature of Sponsoring Supervisor: I For Clerk's Use Only