3771393 - Hearing - Appeal of Determination of Exemption From Environmental Review - 1531-1581 Howard Street and 118-134 Kissling Street

San Francisco

Hearing of persons interested in or objecting to the determination of exemption from environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act issued as a Categorical Exemption by the Planning Department on March 10, 2016, for the proposed project at 1531-1581 Howard Street and 118-134 Kissling Street, to convert existing surface vehicle storage to four-level parking stackers; construct an accessory car wash; install metal screens on the Kissling Street and Howard Street frontages; and alter existing curb cuts on Howard Street and Kissling Street. (District 6) (Appellant: Stephen Williams of the Law Office of Stephen M. Williams, on behalf of William Hedden) (Filed November 26, 2018)

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