3756524 - Urging Developers Within the Central SoMa Plan to Include a “Community Good Jobs Employment Plan” With Planning Application

San Francisco

Resolution urging developers within the Central South of Market Area Plan (“Central SOMA Plan”) to submit a “Community Good Jobs Employment Plan” prior to project approval by the Planning Commission, also urging that within 60 days after the development receives its first Certificate of Occupancy, the developer or project employer(s) should provide a report to the Office of the District 6 Supervisor and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development ("OEWD") detailing the steps that the developer or project employer(s) took to implement the Plan, and the report is to include: a list detailing which concerned community, civic, and labor organizations were consulted and when; what strategies were used to reach out to “Target Workers;” and how many “Target Workers” were hired; and finally urging OEWD to produce an analysis of the report compared to the initial plan, and submit to the District 6 Supervisor within 60 days of receiving the report from the developer or project employer(s).

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