Issues related to rent and housing.


Receive report relating to Stanford University Historic Resources Survey methodology and findings.


Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to revise the Residential Unit Conversion Ordinance to: limit short-term rental of a residential unit to no more than 120 days per calendar year; revise the definition of interested parties who may enforce the provisions of Chapter 41A, through a private right of action to include permanent residents residing within 100 feet of the residential unit; create an additional private right of action under certain circumstances; change the administrative heari...



Setting Property Tax Rate and Establishing Pass-Through Rate for Residential Tenants - FY2019-2020

Ordinance levying property taxes at a combined rate of $1.1801 on each $100 valuation of taxable property for the City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco County Office of Education, San Francisco Community College District, Bay Area Rapid Transit District, and Bay Area Air Quality Management District; and establishing a pass-through rate of $0.0660 per $100 of assessed value for residential tenants pursuant to Administrative Code, Chapter 37, for th...

Appropriation - Fund Balance - San Francisco Seawall Earthquake Safety and Disaster Prevention Program - $11,500,000 - FY2019-2020

Ordinance appropriating $11,500,000 of fund balance to the Port for the San Francisco Seawall Earthquake Safety and Disaster Prevention Program in FY2019-2020.

Income taxes: credit: railroad in reconstruction or replacement.

Community colleges: California Community Colleges Fair Accreditation Act of 2015.

Appropriation - 2012 General Obligation Parks Bond Proceeds - $3,100,000 - 2015 General Obligation Housing Bond Proceeds - $92,725,000 - FY2019-2020

Ordinance appropriating $3,100,000 of proceeds from the 2012 General Obligation Parks Bond, Series 2019C, to the Port of San Francisco and appropriating $92,725,000 of proceeds from the 2015 General Obligation Housing Bond, Series 2019D, to the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development in FY2019-2020 and placing $95,825,000 on Controller’s Reserve pending the sale of the bonds.


Receive report from the Department of Planning and Development relating to land development standards for Stanford University's residential subdivision districts.