Issues related to rent and housing.


Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to revise the Residential Unit Conversion Ordinance to: limit short-term rental of a residential unit to no more than 120 days per calendar year; revise the definition of interested parties who may enforce the provisions of Chapter 41A, through a private right of action to include permanent residents residing within 100 feet of the residential unit; create an additional private right of action under certain circumstances; change the administrative heari...

Real property: transfer fees: notices.

Personal income taxes: credit: turf removal.



Local planning: housing element: inventory of land for residential development.

Community colleges: California Community Colleges Fair Accreditation Act of 2015.

Crimes: sporting events.

Veterans: housing.


Receive report from the Department of Planning and Development relating to a Draft Affordable Housing Impact Mitigation Fee Ordinance and provide input and direction regarding policies and concepts contained therein.


Hearing on the recent increase in property crime and car break-ins citywide; and requesting the Police Department to report.

Personal income taxes: gross income exclusion: mortgage debt forgiveness.

Manufactured housing: vehicle license fee: property taxation.