Issues related to public education, youth programs, and policies effecting schools.

County reimbursement: Joseph James DeAngelo, Jr. costs.

Existing law prescribes the minimum requirements for a clear multiple or single subject teaching credential, including the completion of either a beginning teacher induction program approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the Superintendent of Public Instruction pursuant to the Marian Bergeson Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment System, an alternative program of beginning teacher induction that is provided by one or more local educational agencies and has been approved by t...

Child custody: supervised visitation.

Vocational nursing: secondary and post-secondary education.

Privacy: faith-based organizations.

Criminal threats: discharge of a firearm.

Marine invasive species: ballast water and biofouling management requirements.

Local educational agencies: school bonds: notices.

Public health: pesticide: chlorpyrifos.

Insurance taxation: credit: College Access Tax Credit Fund.

Crimes: rape: great bodily injury.

State government: data.

Public resources: San Onofre State Beach: Richard H. and Donna O’Neill Conservancy: road construction.

Charter schools: classroom-based and nonclassroom-based instruction: blended learning charter schools.

Vehicles: biennial registration.

Pupils redesignated as fluent English proficient: local control funding formula: local control and accountability plans.

Business licenses: stormwater discharge compliance.

Proposition 47: evaluation study.

Pesticide use: glyphosate.

Existing law provides funding for various career technical education programs, including regional occupational centers and programs, specialized secondary programs, partnership academies, and agricultural career technical education programs. This bill would appropriate the sum of $1,170,000 from the General Fund to the State Department of Education for the purposes of allocating funds to a certain county office of education in support of career technical education student organizations, as spec...