Issues related to public education, youth programs, and policies effecting schools.

Recreational water use: wave basins.

Preschool: privately funded pilot program: tax credits.


Consider revised recommendations relating to the development of a County framework for a Post-Secondary Educational Sponsorship Program. (Office of the County Executive) (Held from March 2, 2016, Finance and Government Operations Committee meeting, Item No. 4)

Threats: schools and places of worship.

Career training: adult students.

County reimbursement: Joseph James DeAngelo, Jr. costs.

Teacher credentialing: beginning teacher induction programs.

Child custody: supervised visitation.

Vocational nursing: secondary and post-secondary education.

Privacy: faith-based organizations.

Criminal threats: discharge of a firearm.

Marine invasive species: ballast water and biofouling management requirements.

Local educational agencies: school bonds: notices.

Public health: pesticide: chlorpyrifos.

Insurance taxation: credit: College Access Tax Credit Fund.

Crimes: rape: great bodily injury.

State government: data.

State beaches: San Onofre State Beach: report on encroaching state or local agency infrastructure project.

Charter schools: classroom-based and nonclassroom-based instruction: blended learning charter schools.