Santa Clara



Adopt Resolution designating December 10th as Human Rights Day and declaring Santa Clara County as a Human Rights County. (Roll Call Vote) (Cortese)


Consider recommendations relating to intent to purchase real property in connection with the County's purchase of the hospitals and related assets owned by Verity Health System of California, Inc., and its affiliates in Santa Clara County.


Consider recommendations relating to the proposed resolution regarding a carbon fee and dividend policy as requested by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. (Office of the County Executive)


Adopt Resolution delegating authority to the County Executive or designee, to complete and/or modify regulatory filings and related requirements necessary to expand the scope of Valley Health Plans products and services, following approval by County Counsel as to form and legality, and approval by the Office of the County Executive. Delegation of authority shall expire on November 18, 2023. (Roll Call Vote)


Adopt Resolution establishing No Parking Any Time on a portion of East Alta Vista Way in San Jose. (Roll Call Vote)


Adopt Resolution authorizing the Oak Grove School District to sell General Obligation Bonds, Election of 2008, Series D and Series E, on its own behalf in the combined aggregate principal amount of not to exceed $34,000,000. (Roll Call Vote)


Adopt Resolution modifying a 15-minute parking restriction on Scott Street in San Jose. (Roll Call Vote)


Adopt Resolution pertaining to updating the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council membership for Fiscal Year 2019. (Roll Call Vote)


Forward to Board of Supervisors to adopt the resolution, required by the Board of State and Community Corrections, affirming membership of the County of Santa Clara Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council.


Consider recommendations relating to intent to purchase real property necessary for a public park purpose.