San Francisco


Health, Planning, and Police Codes - Small Business Permit Streamlining

Ordinance to streamline small business permitting by, among other things, amending the Health Code to align regulation of restaurant enclosures for outdoor food service and restroom requirements with state standards; amending the Planning Code to clarify that a Type 23 liquor license may be used in conjunction with a Bar or Restaurant use, to amend the definition of a Bar to provide for consistent treatment of Type 64 liquor licenses, to modify Nighttime Entertainment use food service requiremen...

Planning, Building Codes - Controls on Residential Demolition, Merger, Conversion, and Alteration

Ordinance amending the Planning Code to increase penalties for violations of the Planning Code; provide new definitions for Residential Demolitions and Residential Flats, revise definitions for Alterations and Removal, require additional notice and impose new conditional use criteria for Residential Demolitions, Mergers, and Conversions; establish criteria for Major Expansions of Existing Residential Buildings; amending the Building Code to conform the definition of Residential Demolition, requi...

Building Code - Vacant or Abandoned Commercial Storefronts

Ordinance amending the Building Code to require vacant or abandoned commercial storefront owners to pay annual registration fees at the time of registration; require annual inspections of registered vacant or abandoned storefronts; update the penalty for violations of the requirement to register vacant or abandoned commercial storefronts; and affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Hearing - Historic Preservation Landmarking - 2 Henry Adams Street

Hearing on the historic preservation landmarking of 2 Henry Adams Street; and requesting the Planning Department to report.

Debt Management Policy and Procedures - Controller’s Office of Public Finance

Resolution approving the Controller's Office of Public Finance debt management policy and procedures to manage the debt issuance process, in accordance with California Government Code, Section 8855, and determining other matters in connection therewith, as defined herein.

Planning Code - Conversion of Medical Cannabis Dispensary Uses to Cannabis Retail Uses

Ordinance amending the Planning Code to allow Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (MCDs) with approvals from the Planning Department for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary Use as of January 5, 2018, to apply to convert to Cannabis Retail Uses under the same conditions as MCDs that held valid final permits from Department of Public Health as of January 5, 2018; exempting all such converted Cannabis Retail Uses from otherwise applicable Conditional Use Authorization requirements; clarifying that such Cannabi...

Salina Lam Commemorative Plaque - 810 Silver Avenue, Hillcrest Elementary School

Ordinance waiving permit and inspection fees, under the Commemorative Street Plaque Ordinance in the Public Works Code, for the installation of a plaque at one location on the Silver Avenue sidewalk, commemorating former Hillcrest Elementary School student Salina Lam, and directing official acts in furtherance of this Ordinance, as defined herein; and affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Accept and Expend Grant - United States Department of Justice's Office of Violence Against Women - Domestic Violence High Lethality Risk Team - Amendment to the Annual Salary Ordinance - FYs 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 - $750,000

Ordinance retroactively authorizing the Department on the Status of Women to accept and expend a grant in the amount of $750,000 through the United States Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women for the Domestic Violence High Risk Program; and amending Ordinance No. 182-18 (Annual Salary Ordinance File No. 180575 for FYs 2018-2019 and 2019-2020) to provide for the addition of one grant-funded part-time Class 1820 Junior Administrative Analyst position (FTE 0.50) for the period...

Transportation Code - Large Commercial Vehicle Parking Restrictions

Ordinance amending Division I of the Transportation Code to prohibit the on-street parking of any Commercial Vehicle, as defined by the California Vehicle Code, over 22 feet in length or seven feet in height in any residential district, including any RH (residential, house), RM (residential, mixed), or RTO (Residential Transit Oriented) district between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. when Municipal Transportation Agency signs are posted giving notice; and affirming the Planning Department...

Reappointment, San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission - Supervisor Hillary Ronen

Motion reappointing Supervisor Hillary Ronen, term ending February 4, 2023, to the San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission.